Camino a Santiago - Fisterra, kilometer 65, 15270 Cee, A Coruña


- Santiago- Cee - Fisterra (recommended route by stages):

  • The first section consists of 21 km. This section corresponds to the road from Santiago to Negreira. In this first stage the pilgrims will be able to visit the fluvial Beach of Tapia in Ames, the Towers of Altamira, the pazo of cotón and the Reservoir of Barrié de la Maza.
  • The second stage consists of 25 km. This section corresponds from Negreira to Lago (Mazaricos). We recommend visiting the A Fervenza reservoir and the Santa Leocadia Mazaricos natural reserve in this area.
  • The third is 26 km long. This section corresponds from Lago (Mazaricos) to Cee. In this stage you will pass through different villages with a natural landscape, where you will be able to see (O Logoso, where there is a peculiar stone called Pedra da Cabalgada. You will pass by the chapel of As Neves and then San Pedro Mártir; and finally we arrive at the beautiful village of Cee, where you will be able to observe the Atlantic Ocean in all its extension where our Tequeron Hostel is located. The next day, after the rest in our hostel, we would only need 15 km to reach the km 0 (Finisterre, the end of the earth ).

Referring to other routes, such as the path of the Lighthouses. The hostel manager will provide all the necessary information to customers and clients who request it.

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